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Maybe you’ve enjoyed working from home, or maybe you just can’t wait to be back in the office. Either way, being comfortable while working from home is essential. Get work-from-home-comfortable with this collection of hand-picked, sustainable products.

Smart and comfy? Yes, please.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to stay in your pyjamas or wear the same old tracksuit all day. Maybe you want to look smart for yet another video call, or maybe you like to pop out for a lunchtime walk. Here are a few ideas for sustainable clothing which are both stylish and comfy.

The Women’s Tree Loungers, by Allbirds, suit all situations. A versatile pair of slip-ons, perfect for home wearing or lunchtime walks, made from breathable, responsibly-sourced eucalyptus tree fiber.

Brought to you by People Tree, the stylish, yet comfortable Evelyn Organic Cotton Black Jumpsuit is a classic that will leave you looking and feeling good.

And if you want to up the cozyness level, we suggest the Linscott Bamboo Cropped Knit by Bamboo Clothing, available in a lovely range of colours.

Get your drinks ready

To help you stay awake, hydrated, refreshed or simply satisfied, we’ve selected a few reusables to pour your drinks on.

The Thumbs Up cup by Huskup is a positive piece to have around and keep you focused on the right message while holding your favourite hot drink.

Keeping hydrated is essential for your health and wellbeing. Smidge offers a wide range of colours and sizes, for you to find your ideal water bottle. Just don’t forget to fill it up before that 1-hour-long video call!

If you like to mix things up, it’s worth checking the Glass Infuser by WakeCup. A zero-waste glass infuser, with a sleek design, great for herbal or fruit drinks, hot or cold.

Home, sweet office

Whether you have a proper home office, or you had to convert a corner of your home into a temporary office, make it feel special and yours with these suggestions.

Get your laptop (and yourself) in a better position with Debosc’s Handmade Birch Laptop Stand, sold by The Healthy Living Store. Guaranteed to raise your work, without raising the amount of plastic in the world.

If you need a little bit of extra light so you can read your notes better or don’t look like a shadow of yourself on your fifth video call of the day, the Tabosa Brass clamp light available at Nkulu is a sophisticated and glamorous item which will spruce up your working area.

If you’re having trouble concentrating while working from home due to the noise of your kids, neighbours, pets or partner, The Healthy Living Store stocks the Sleeep Pro, a pair of ear plugs with a solid titanium core that will help cut down the unwanted noises in your workday. 

There’s no place like home, especially when home becomes the office. Hopefully our suggestions can help make you more comfortable while working from home and make a difference in your life and to the environment.

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