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Much is being said about our kids’ generation leading the fight against climate change. While this is powerful, inspiring and hopeful, it can also lead to a lot of pressure and anxiety. Maybe the best way to teach our children how to build a better future is to help them build the confidence and resilience they’ll need when facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Your child may already have heard the eco warrior call, but not all children will be as aware of the issues that face the future of our planet. And that’s ok. When it comes to learning and teaching about this important subject, it needs to feel right, be age appropriate and presented in the right context.

As parents, relatives, teachers, adults, we have the responsibility to prepare and educate our children, providing them with the best information and tools to explore their own paths in learning about the world around them. We’re all in this together!
We’ve selected a few items which can help your children embrace a more sustainable life and mindset.

Good reads for inspiration

Great books are always a powerful resource to explain challenging subjects. Focus on the positive actions kids can achieve. Use real examples of the amazing things people are doing to protect our planet.

Ready for action

Wearing powerful slogans can be effective and even a great conversation starter. Here are a few brands with inspiring designs but children could create their own using stencils and upcycling old clothing items.

Grow your own

Sharing interactive ways kids can learn more about how nature works. These DIY kits are a fun way to explore the outdoors and learn more about how to grow vegetables or even a create one’s very own insect ecosystem.

Eco friendly art activities

Fun ideas to get creative and promote eco-friendly activities. Turn recycling into amazing art, go outside and discover art in nature or bring nature home by creating a mini garden.