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Vegan Treats Gift Box

By Social Stories Club


Share the joy of vegan treats galore with this lovingly curated vegan gift box! Each one of our treats has a special story behind them - a story of people coming together to give back to social or environmental causes that matter. Let a dear one indulge in the decadence of dark chocolate while empowering local cacao farmers - or support education in tea-growing regions by sipping on a warming cup of Earl Grey.

About this product

How It's Made

– Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange (70%) -> empowers local cocoa farmers by giving them company ownership and a fair deal for their cocoa
– Earl Grey Tea in biodegradable tea bags -> contributes to improving the educational infrastructure in tea-growing regions
– Triple-milled Organic Soap -> by a collective of artists living with epilepsy and learning disabilities
– Decadent Hot Chocolate -> invests 50% of their profits into Producers Direct, a UK charity that works directly with farmers to improve sustainability and livelihoods, right across the coffee-growing world
– Chilli Onion Relish -> helps fight food waste by using wonky fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to the landfill
– “This Box Supports Different Social Causes” Gift Box
– Story booklet with the stories behind every product in the gift box
– Personalised note to the recipient


Packaged using a lightweight biodegradable cardboard box

Social Stories Club ships worldwide
Standard free delivery for UK

Why Social Stories Club?

Sustainable gifting company on a mission to introduce you to the amazing world of social enterprises by sharing their stories. Social enterprises are businesses that are led by a clear social mission and are changing the world for the better by tackling social problems, improving communities, or helping fight climate change. By sharing their stories we are creating hope for a new and better future.We have a vision that one day we will live in a world where you can make a positive impact with each purchase you make. We can already do this by supporting social ventures.

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