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My DIY Afternoon: Recycling

By Bookspeed


My DIY Afternoon: Recycling is a fantastic activity book for kids that combines creativity with an eco-friendly mindset. This selection of fresh craft projects is a step above your average loo-roll pen holder, giving children the opportunity to build their own cardboard city, eccentric looking bugs, flowers, masks and more. A fantastic gift for anyone wanting to reduce the landfill pile and great for encouraging children to think about recycling and looking after their environment.

About this product

How It's Made

Crafts projects

By Marie-Laure Pham-Bourwens & Steffie Brocoli



Box infill is biodegradable
Recyclable paper tape
Biodegradable wallets and KIDLY Label garment bags
Recyclable paper shipping bags

Kidly ships to the UK
Free standard shipping over £40

Why Bookspeed?

Family-run bookspeed is all about fun & educational kids books, with great stories & inspiring topics. Helping kids learn about their wider world & their inner world too.

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